Mahoney and me mystery series



Book 1 in the Mahoney and Me Mystery Series

An author departs in her RV on a leisurely book signing tour. A stop for lunch at an isolated spot along the road changes her life when a robber pulls up behind her van and threatens her. A stray border collie intervenes and scares off the aggressor. Of course, she can’t leave the dog behind after he saved her, and the collie eagerly accepts her invitation to join her. 

​That chance encounter with the robber leads to his pursuit of her for reasons she doesn’t understand, and she definitely needs help to solve the mystery. When she meets Mahoney, the detective assigned to her case, sparks fly between them and a romance blooms. 

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Book 2 in the Mahoney and Me Mystery Series

Cedar Falls is turned upside down by a bank robbery, kidnapping, and shooting of a police officer. While Mahoney investigates those crimes to solve the mystery of who is committing them, the narrator has to contend with a wicked love triangle involving Bethany, a woman stalking Mahoney, and her boyfriend who wants the detective out of Bethany’s life. 

​​Meanwhile the romance between Mahoney and the narrator blossoms, but a blatant second cop shooting outside the police station may quash their wedding plans. 

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Book 3 in the Mahoney and Me Mystery Series

Identity theft, impersonation, and murder lead Detective Mahoney and the narrator across the country to New York. To solve the mystery of Homer Hunter’s murder, Mahoney must uncover a possible connection between two ‘look-alikes.’ Or perhaps the identity of the murderer lies in a crank call from a mentally disturbed youth who believes that old people are useless and should die.

​Mahoney’s former girlfriend shows up hoping to rekindle an old romance and becomes involved with one of the murder suspects.

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Book 4 in the Mahoney and Me Mystery Series

Christmas is coming, and while Detective Mahoney and the narrator’s romance easily survives their teasing each other about being on Santa’s naughty list, Mahoney is busy tracking down a ring of scammers who really belong on it for fleecing the public as phony Salvation Army bell ringers. The gang also threatens the Princess who is not thrilled by the attention and lives in a constant state of suspense fearing what they intend to do to her.

​The ‘girls’ are busy too helping a new arrival to Cedar Falls who was injured during a traffic accident. They have their own mystery to solve uncovering Lynne’s dark and dangerous past.

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Book 5 in the Mahoney and Me Mystery Series

Friday night rolls around, and Cedar Falls waits in suspense. Will the Basher strike again? The death count rises every weekend after a serial killer attacks and mercilessly beats more young women. On their broken bodies, the killer leaves a red paper valentine ripped in two. Detective Mahoney needs to find evidence to end the Basher's spree. To get it may mean he has to put his wife's life in jeopardy.

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